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You wake up to a myriad of WhatsApp messages wishing you good morning with pictures of sun-kissed flowers or steaming tea cups sent by older relatives. You’ve already muted that obligatory family WhatsApp group where your extended family members brazenly forward “important news” without a second thought. You never really read the long forwards sent by your parents. Sometimes, these elders with WhatsApp get on your nerves. We’ve all been there.

WhatsApp for the Indian elderly population is the ultimate social network. It’s where they stay in touch with friends and family, receive their “news” and “facts” and…

Jahnavi Mirashi

COVID-19 has been a part of our lives for the better part of this year now. We all probably thought our lives would be getting back to normal by now, but that doesn’t seem to be the case! Many events, conferences, schools, workplaces still continue to operate remotely.

At Hureo, it’s no different. Design research studies, both ethnographic studies as well as usability studies, are still being conducted remotely across India with participants of varied technological savviness. …

Narrating our personal lockdown experiences through pictures and words.

The last few months have brought an unprecedented situation upon us. This photo blog is an attempt to capture our experiences as we change and adapt. Our experiences may be personal, but yet, at the same time, they are representative of what people around the world are going through right now.

Here are our stories.

From working together to work from home: A shift in location, and mindset

When the lockdown was announced, people had to go from working together, to working from home, almost overnight, leaving us no time to prepare ourselves.

For Anjeli, (Hureo’s founder), the swift lockdown was followed by a…

Jahnavi Mirashi, UX Researcher at Hureo UX Research Company

Some time earlier, we’d mentioned some of our favourite UX Reads in a tweet:

And we thought, why not expand upon it? There are so many books available on UX, but we’ve picked a few more of our favourites on user experience and design. Some are classics, some are new, but we’ve kept the list quite broad to encompass a wide range of subjects that should be of interest to UX novices and veterans alike.

  1. The Elements of User Experience: User Centred Design for the Web by Jesse James Garrett


Sachin Sharma, Founder, Townscript, in conversation with Anjeli Singh, Founder, Hureo User Research Company

Hureo brings you Product Conversations–a series of videos that endeavour to widen the conversation on user-centric innovation, and empower people who are passionate about creating meaningful products and services.

Each Product Conversation series features Hureo’s founder, Anjeli Singh, hosting discussions with company founders, product managers, user research evangelists, and other stakeholders.

Product Conversations was born from the need to inspire larger discussions around user research and user-centric innovation–concepts that are quickly gaining traction in India today.

Says Anjeli Singh, founder of Hureo, “Back in 2015, when Hureo began its journey, user research was still the new kid on the…

Samanth Kasa, UX Researcher at Hureo UX Research Company


Culture is a way of life, whereas design implies planning to develop products for ease of living. Culture and design can’t be separated and are moving collectively from ancient human civilizations to the current world. Over the past several decades, there has been a growing interest in how culture is shaping the design research and the making of things. Culture includes a shared set of values, which comprises human behaviour, material culture and social conditions which encourages the designers to build products with sensitivity to people’s lived experience.

Key words

Last year, Hureo conducted 24% of its usability studies remotely — and this year, we’re expecting a dramatic increase in this percentage. In this article, we explore the advantages and impact of remote research, and why you should embrace it wholeheartedly.

The Hureo team conducting a remote usability study

As a user research agency, most of our work at Hureorevolves around studying people and technology. These studies are conducted in-person in the user’s context, or conducted remotely, depending on the goal of the study. …

Arunima Ved

I keep looking for inspirations to learn and grow as a researcher, so I compiled a list of videos for other researchers like me to learn and get inspired. In this article — in no particular order we’ll take a look at seven videos on user experience research by different experts. So grab your popcorn and a drink while you enjoy watching these videos.

1. Three ways that good design makes you happy — Don Norman

In this video Don Norman talks about the importance of good design. He explains how design can make people happy in three ways and also talks about the psychology behind it.The …

By Anjeli Singh and Padmini Venugopal

Recently, we were approached by the CEO of a product company who was looking for a proven method to strengthen the culture of innovation within his company. For him, introducing a user-centric approach to innovation through a Usability workshop was the answer; and he was absolutely right.

In the recent past, User-centric innovation, incorporating the principles of Design Thinking, has received a lot of attention and with good reason too.

Think of the top successful brands of our modern age — and you’ll find that most of them are creating disruptive products and services…

Hureo UX Research Company

We enable businesses create products & services with user insights. Based in India

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